The Tyndall Carbon Budget Tool

Setting Climate Committments

The Tyndall Carbon Budget Tool presents climate change targets for UK local authority areas that are based on the commitments in the United Nations Paris Agreement, informed by the latest science on climate change and defined by science based carbon budget setting.

To view the recommendations for a region or an individual local authority, use the buttons and links above. The initial view of the report is a short-form version with some interactive elements designed for viewing on our website. To print a copy, follow the link in the short-form report then print the page from your browser's menu (you can usually press ctrl+p as a shortcut for this. Most modern browsers provide an option to ‘Save as PDF’, or you can print a physical copy as normal.

We have also provided a means to create Aggregate Budgets for Combined Authorities, Unitary Authorities, County Councils and other combinations of local authorities. If the Aggregate Budget you are interested in is not available in the list above you can create a custom Aggregate Budget with our tool.